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Sherman Unkefer
The first thing I want to say is that there isn't anything out there that can be more distracting and keep you from creating MLM success than the internet. The internet is an environment of distraction for online marketers. You could spend a lifetime checking out the next greatest product launch and attending the next cutting edge seminar that claims to boost your recruiting and sponsoring magic. The truth is you'll never make any money doing that. And here's the big secret- those things don't make you any money anyway. The best guarantee you have for MLM success is in the person you see each morning in the mirror. The burden of responsibility is yours and yours only. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Sherman Unkefer.

Only you can make the decision and take the responsibility for your own success. No one else can do this or insure this. You either will or you won't and no one can insure this but you. You don't decide halfway. If you make halfway decisions expect only halfway results. You either quit or end up succeeding in this industry.This choice can only be made and carried out by you each and every day.

Of the many available strategies for marketing and recruiting out there only you can decide which will suit you best. Only you can make the best choice concerning you. However, once you decide, grab on to it with both hands and stick with it until it pays off for you. Only you can decide which leader, which team, and which system is right for you and make the necessary commitment to yourself and to your business. Make the choice to learn that system, master that tool, absorb that training or whatever and apply it vigorously and consistently until you are achieving the results you desire from it. Don't overcomplicate your life and confuse your team by jumping ship mid journey to pursue other avenues. Take responsibility and claim your success.

That's the magic pill! That's the magic Ju-ju everyone is looking for in the next technique and product launch. People have had the answer the whole time. The magic key is in their possession and yet they keep looking outside themselves to find it. The magic is in your decision to succeed and it comes from within you not from some outside magic formula. That's why success training and personal development is such a huge portion of the MLM success equation, and yet people keep spending time resources and money looking for the solution outside themselves in the next MLM success product or training launch. It's a waste of time, a waste of effort, and a waste of money.  


Am I saying you don't need the right MLM success training, leadership, and system? No of course not. What I'm saying is pick the leadership, team, and training that is appropriate for you and then commit to your MLM success. Set your course and don't deviate from it until you have some success with it. Power comes from focusing your energies in this fashion.

Radiant light in and of itself randomly scattered adds a nice ambience to the world. But take that same light and highly focus it and direct it upon one central point and you've got a laser capable of cutting through steel. You need laser focused intent and laser focused activities to cut through the barriers to MLM success and freedom.

Just listen for a moment engage your imagination and allow me to illustrate my point. My MLM leader is friend and comrade to some of the biggest names and greatest leaders in the industry. He truly understands this business and what it takes to recruit, build a team, and produce residual income in the MLM Business. When it comes to MLM and Online marketing the guy is a true Maveric and industry phenomenon. He is one of the top online producers in the industry. He is the top recruiter in our primary company and the number one recruiter in the number one attraction marketing system on the internet. He is a true outside the box type thinker and visionary and also a servant leader in this industry, willing to share his enthusiasm and knowledge with us. He got to where he is today in about 14 months by focusing his effort on a primary marketing strategy and deciding he would succeed with it. I keep my ears open when he speaks and I encourage my team to do the same. You would to if you had one of the industry's top leaders and recruiters working for you wouldn't you? You see my team does!

You have to understand that personal growth, success training, proper applied action, focused effort, momentum and a commitment to your goals, are fundamental building blocks of MLM success. You don't succeed without these things. That's why I chose my personal up-line sponsor as a leader. It was obvious to me that he understood the success equation and that his added credibility and system would add leverage to our team success. I quickly realized he had the servant leadership style and commitment to team success and excellence that aligned with my own desire and values for the team to succeed and grow. I realize he was the perfect complement to what I wanted to build. It was clear that he would share his bounty of knowledge with the team we were building. I knew he would share all his "how to get it done" training with everyone I brought into the business and that I could lean on his training systems for added leverage. And I realized that would free me up to concentrate on building my teams MLM success by teaching them personal growth and success training, which is something of my specialty. It brings added leverage and power to the system. .

This combination would provide added power and produce greater success throughout the team. It's soundly based in the principles of success that work and that produce reliable results. This is the kind of leveraged success plan you want to have in place for your business if you want massive success in the industry. I don't illustrate this plan from a place of arrogance but instead from a position of mentorship by laying out a highly leveraged plan to follow in the creation of your own MLM success blueprint.

Strive to become a great leader to your team and serve them with their interests in mind. Choose the tools, the leader, the marketing system, etc. that serves you and your vision for MLM success then commit to using that method and plan until you have success with it. Master the process and cultivate it's duplication throughout your organization. Learn it, master it, duplicate it, and then move on to the next method and repeat. These are the building blocks of MLM success and it all starts with your decision to succeed. For more info, visit Sherman Unkefer.



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