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Wagons For Kids
Radio Flyer classic red wagons have entertained the American children for generations and these toys have become more of a tradition in the US. All of this started back in the year 1917 when Antonio Pasin started building the first of the toy wagons, but there was no company back then. The Liberty Coaster Company was found by him later on in 1923 and it is this company that we know by the name of Radio Flyer today. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Wagons For Kids. The company produces more than just red toy wagons now, but the classic red wagons became so popular in the latter half of the 20th century that it has become the iconic toy for the Radio Flyers. Although more than just a few models of the toy wagons have been released over the years, the "#18 Classic Red Wagon" was found to be the most popular among kids and thus it has also been in production for the longest period of time. The Radio Flyer Classic Red Wagon had even made appearances in Hollywood movies like "A Christmas Story" and of course, "Radio Flyer" directed by Richard Donner. On the 80th anniversary of the company, they set a new record by building the world's largest wagon.Radio Flyer makes toy wagons of different types to suit the likings and the needs of children all over America. Be it a carefully crafted, handmade wooden wagon, a wagon made up of embossed steel or a modern plastic wagon, Radio Flyer is the number one name today as far as toy wagons are concerned. The Radio Flyer Classic Red Wagons are not only one of the best toys for the children to enjoy outdoors but it has also been ensured by the makers that they are completely safe for the children who play with them. The company uses the best non-toxic red paint available to paint the red wagons so that they are completely harmless for even little children. To save the kids from accidental scratches or cuts from the metal edges on the wagons, they are safely rolled back and turned downwards. If you are worried about your children tilting over while in the wagon, then rest assured because the Radio Flyer Classic red wagons come prepared for that too. The apparatus in these wagons is such that the undercarriage will never turn enough for such an accident to happen. Apart from the all time favorite wagons in different shapes and sizes, the company also manufactures toy scooters, tricycles, bicycles, ride-ons and even toy horses.  For more info, visit Wagons For Kids.